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Landlord Representation

We walk in your shoes.
As owners and managers of more than 3 million square feet of office and retail property, we bring an owner’s mentality to the table with every prospective deal. With 30+ years of commercial ownership experience under our belts, we fully understand the economics of asset ownership, which brings significant value to your project. To us, this owner-agency relationship goes beyond simply marketing and trying to fill your space. We have the skill set and knowledge to make recommendations to our clients based on individual investment requirements. Expert client-centered landlord representation is the cornerstone of our work.
We know your asset.
What differentiates us from the “big-name” brokerages? Since we specialize in small to mid-sized office and retail properties, we know exactly what is required to market and fill these spaces. We understand it takes a lot more than just putting up a sign and waiting for the phone to ring. Finding the right tenants to fill your space takes careful thought and research. Nothing replaces hard work and “shoe-leather” marketing! That is why we leverage our regional knowledge to match local companies with business needs we know will be met by your property. We have spent years building our reputation doing this and establishing relationships in your market. Small to mid-sized suburban properties are our specialty and this expertise will benefit you.
We recognize the importance of your bottom line.
Every property owner wants to succeed. Adding value to your property is our principal objective. Solid planning maximizes asset awareness, stabilizes occupancy through leasing and tenant retention, and achieves optimal rent. Every single completed deal should notably enhance your bigger value creation picture.
We are here for you.
We build relationships so that owners and investors can rely on SugarOak to increase the value of each property. To do that, we communicate regularly during the leasing process regardless of activity level. When we work with you on a project, we qualify every prospect, manage expectations during space selection, work to deliver the desired space at a cost that satisfies all parties, and ensure that all documentation is at your fingertips when you need it. Keeping owners in the loop is key to our job.
  • Evaluation and assessment of goals and objectives for your property
  • Property analysis and site walkthrough
  • Thorough tenant vetting and canvassing programs
  • Regular transaction activity reports
  • Preparation of letters of intent
  • Lease negotiations
  • Custom marketing plans
  • Additional services coordination including construction project management and property management

Tenant Representation

Finding an ideal workspace.
Where you work matters. The right office or facility does more than just provide a roof over your head. The right working environment can enhance your business, your brand, your team and the work that you do. We take pride in our in-depth knowledge of local market conditions plus a budget-conscious understanding of your business needs. That knowledge gives us the tools to find the right property to meet your physical and financial requirements. From start to finish, we take care of your workspace needs freeing you to stay focused on your own business success.
Choosing smart locations.
A good lease is about getting your space for the best price and optimal location. We provide expert advice focused on your options to ensure that the space and location align with your business goals.
Understanding both sides.
Our background as a landlord negotiating leases gives us a leg up in terms of understanding what owner requirements look like in today’s market. We know the “ins and outs” of getting you into your new space on your timeline with the most cost-effective and efficient leasing process. Tenants rely on this expertise in our lease deal recommendations tailored to fit your business interests.
Building a flexible agreement.
We strive to build agreements that are flexible and support your business objectives, even in unpredictable markets. Reflecting current needs and recognizing possible future goals, we broker deals to help you succeed. Your success is our success.
You can reach us when you need to. With regular updates, timely reporting and 24/7 accessibility, we are available to you, and we keep you informed.
Attending to details.
We focus on the small stuff because your time is valuable. Tenants succeed when we ask questions and provide guidance on all the nuances of every single property you might be interested in touring. Why do we share detailed pros and cons on all properties? We know that our attention to detail on every single property and every single communication saves you time and effort.

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